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Thee Pluto outlines why his content is 'king' in response to Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna bashed content creators with formats similar to that of Thee Pluto saying they needed better microphones

Content creator Thee Pluto

Content creator Thee Pluto has outlined why he is better than radio presenter Oga Obinna following an online exchange.

The exchange started when Obinna hit content creators that develop content similar to what Thee Pluto does. Obinna said the creators needed to find other microphones for use during the shoot of the videos noting that the lapel microphones used were ugly.

“So none of these sanitizing shows can get handheld mics, a boom, lapel or anything?? Must they keep holding that long ugly cord with a lapel mic at the end moving it from one person to another?" Obinna said.

Obinna further said the creators had gotten into comfort zones and that the scripting in the shows was getting too much.


Responding to the sentiments by Obinna, Thee Pluto outlined reasons the content he produced was worth it. Pluto said he had created employment for young creatives with skills in writing, editing and doing voiceovers.

He also revealed that his content had good numbers on YouTube and which were growing by the day.

“The long ugly mic got us 130,000,000 views in a year, 10,000,000 views a month as per now and 700,000+ views every 48hrs. Got some good dudes some employment, the long ugly mic made us open another channel brainy maniac! Where we’ve given young stars an opportunity to practice and earn from their abilities in writing, voice-over and editing.


“The long mic! If you are not a fan you may not understand the joy of running around with that mic, we understand you!” Thee Pluto said.

Supporting the sentiments by Pluto, Travel YouTuber I am Marwa said the comments by Obinna were out of hate for success urging him not to get pulled down.

“Leave that old man alone bro. Some people can't sleep when they see success. Stay focused bro Don't get distracted with zero talent,” Marwa said.

Thee Pluto's YouTube boasts of 629,000 subscribers.


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