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Aq9ine reveals why he started consuming bizarre food

I had started with comedy - Aq9ine

Kenyan TikTok creator Aq9ine during a recent interview

Kenyan TikTok creator Steve Alvin Muthoni, alias Aq9ine, has revealed that joblessness led him to start preparing and eating bizarre dishes.

This is after the food blogger has been on the spotlight lately after he consumed a spider and a bat

Speaking in a recent interview, the TikToker narrated how his lack of a job led him to start cooking and eating weird food.

"Honestly, all these videos started because I didn't have any job, I was just a comrade, just chilling and not knowing what to do then decided to start content creating, I started with comedy then changed to cooking unthinkable food," said the TikToker.


Aq9ine also revealed that his first video was in February 2019 where he fried milk tea.

"My first video was on February 2019, I have not started this year I fried tea, I took onions and tomatoes and fried first then added milk and drinking chocolate, I have never drank something sweeter than that," he added.


The Tiktoker also refuted claims that he ate a spider and clarified that he was bitten by a spider.

"I told you not to believe everything you see on social media. I don't eat a spider. How can you eat a spider? Spider has unique body parts how can you eat such a thing? I said I had eaten a spider out of anxiety. I was bitten by a spider here,” he said.

He claimed he consumed a spider because he was tense at that moment and added that he was bitten by a spider while working at a construction site.


You can't imagine how I was feeling by that time. Have you ever felt like scratching your two body parts at once? Every part of my body was swollen like my face, I didn't eat a spider. I came to realize later that I had said I ate a spider while getting treatment. When I revisited the video I realized I had said I ate a spider,” he said.


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