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TikTokers Josh Wonder & Kendi Q involved in accident, car overturns

TikTokers Josh Wonder and Kendi Christine survive a terrifying road accident

Josh Wonder & Kendi Q

Popular content creators Josh Wonder and Kendi Christine were involved in a road accident early Friday, March 8. Fortunately, both emerged unharmed from the incident.

The mishap occurred on Friday, March 8, a day after the two TikTokers' attended a culture night event hosted by USIU-Africa.

Kendi showcased her dancing prowess during the event, which was reportedly a success, according to social media updates from the university.


According to sources and a video shared by local media house, the vehicle carrying Josh and Kendi overturned, causing concern among their followers and fans.

The video depicted Josh standing beside the overturned car, seemingly unharmed, while engaged in a phone call. Several individuals surrounded the vehicle, assessing the extent of the damage.

Fortunately, despite the vehicle's overturned condition, both Josh and Kendi emerged from the accident without injuries, relieving the worries of their supporters.


Missing from the scene was Kendi, the award-winning female dancer, whose presence was not captured in the video alongside Josh and the overturned vehicle.

In January 2024, Kendi addressed the criticism and rumors circulating after a post made by Josh, responding directly to netizens to clear the air.

She emphasized her autonomy to choose her friends and dismissed the speculations as mere background noise, stating, "Is this news? I'm sure I can be friends with whoever I want. Whether it's Josh or Ajib, meanwhile, your comments are > entertainment 100%."


Josh also chimed in, affirming the longstanding friendship he shares with Kendi and dismissing any conjecture surrounding their relationship.

He stated, "I don't know, man. I knew Kendi long before anyone else in the picture ... the rest is pure BS. Peace out," reaffirming their enduring friendship despite external perceptions.


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