TV Girl Shiksha Arora robbed at globe roundabout flyover (Thread)

He didn’t manage to hurt me much despite strangling my neck- Arora

TV Girl Shiksha Arora

TV girl Shiksha Arora has narrated an ordeal where she got robbed while inside her car at the globe roundabout flyover on June 21, 2021 (Monday).

In a Twitter Thread, the KBC news anchor said that unsuspecting thugs knocked her side mirror and walked away, while trying to fix it, 2 guys appeared and started knocking on the passenger seat window loudly.

Before she could get wind of what was going on, one of the thugs had already unlocked her car and got into the back seat.

The Ordeal

“Yesterday at around 5:20 PM I got robbed at the globe roundabout flyover. Guy 1 knocked my side mirror bending it backwards & walked away. While I was rolling down my window slightly to reposition the mirror, guy 2 started banging the front seat passenger window loudly.

As I was looking to my left guy 3 slid his hand in through my window and unlocked my car, got into the back seat. Grabbed my purse & asked for my phone, at this point in time I was in panic mode, couldn’t say anything. He asked for it again & reached for my neck, strangling me” narrated Shiksha.


The thugs managed to get away with her pursue, after she started hooting, something that raised alarm. The unfortunate incident left the news anchor traumatized.

“As he was strangling my neck, I desperately gasped for air, I started hooting loudly to get some attention hoping somebody would help me. People started getting out of their cars and that’s when he let go and fled. He went with my purse but I am TRAUMATIZED that he attacked me.

LESSON- These thugs work in teams in broad daylight during peak traffic, don’t roll down your window no matter what when on globe roundabout. I got lucky, he didn’t manage to hurt me much despite strangling my neck and getting away with my purse. I am okay but traumatized” reads Shiksha Arora’s tweets.

TV Comeback

The ordeal come hours after Arora made a TV comeback via Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), a year after she was laid off by her former employer K24.

“A year later, I am BACK, back like I never left. Catch me on @KBCChannel1

my new home ❤️ Thank you for always standing by my side, catch me this Friday at 9 PM, it’s time to create magic, with a brand new KBC. Are you ready? 😁 #THISISKBC” tweeted Shiksha Arora.


At the station, Arora has been paired with her former colleague at K24, Fred Indimuli and together they will be hosting a new segment called #EastFriday.


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