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Benachi responds to claims of being sustained by wife in the U.S.

Benachi clarifies claims that he relies on his wife's support, highlights his U.S. business ventures

US-based Kenyan singer Benson Ongachi 'Benachi'

US-based Kenyan singer Benson Ongachi, popularly known as Benachi, has firmly addressed speculations suggesting that he relies solely on his wife's financial support.

Speaking in an interview with Obinna on August 29, the artist who gained prominence in 2014 with 'Mwanake,' hit featuring late the Peter Kaberere, clarified that his financial stability stems from multiple successful businesses he operates in the U.S.

The award-winning artist, who tied the knot with his wife Joan in December 2016, revealed that he and his wife support each other.


The father of two disclosed that he is engaged in a variety of business ventures that contribute to their livelihood. These encompass a health agency, VIP transportation services and a car rental company.

Contrary to unfounded claims, Benachi says his achievements are the result of his industrious efforts and strategic planning.

"I work with a health agency. I also have a VIP transportation. I got a car rental company too. So we run three businesses. That is basically what I do. But wasee wakiona wanaanza kusema Benachi ameekwa. Hapana tumewekana," Benachi said.


The accomplished singer, who purchased a two-storey mansion for his family in the U.S. in 2020, openly acknowledged the initial challenges he faced upon relocating.

"If you are trying to relocate to another country its not an easy task. You have to start form ground zero and do what is necessary to make it," he said.


However, he managed to overcome these hurdles with planning and the support of his family.

Benachi extended gratitude to his wife's family for their constant encouragement and assistance. He shared the importance of having a welcoming and supportive family network when relocating to a foreign country.

"I have a family that stays with me that is in my background here and in the states. ukirelocate na uende upate family that welcomes you that's a blessing.

"Mi nilitoka nikaenda, nikapata family. My wife's family is always behind my back supporting me. they are always there for me," he said.


Looking ahead, Benachi shared insights into his upcoming projects. He revealed that he is preparing to release a new song, 'Locked', an EP and an album in the near future.

Additionally, he has collaborations in the pipeline; however, he stressed his cautious approach to selecting artists for collaborations.


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