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Nurse Judy reflects on ties with Murugi Munyi, a year after cheating scandal with Murugi's hubby

Nurse Judy opens up about her connection with Murugi Munyi, one year after the cheating scandal with her husband

Murugi Munyi and Nurse Judy

Kenyan-U.S-based nurse Judy has provided insights into the current status of her relationship with Murugi Munyi, following a cheating scandal involving her and Murugi's husband, Zach a year ago.

The controversy unfolded in November 2022 when screenshots of Judy's conversations with Zach went viral, leading to a temporary separation between Judy and her husband.

Now, months later, Judy shares her perspective on the aftermath and her connection with Murugi Munyi.


In November 2022, Judy admitted to having cheated on her husband with Zach, Murugi Munyi's husband, acknowledging the regrettable situation.

The scandal created a rift in Judy's marriage, leading to a year-long separation from her husband.

The revelation sparked public interest, and Judy found herself at the center of attention as the story unfolded.


Facing criticism as a perceived homewrecker, Judy defended herself by pointing out that the home was already broken before her involvement.

She admitted her wrongdoing but stressed that her actions were not justifiable and expressed disappointment in being labeled solely as a homewrecker.

Judy also drew attention to Murugi's advice on leaving marriages, questioning Murugi's stance in light of her own decisions.


When asked about her current relationship with Murugi Munyi, Judy clarified that there is no connection between them.

They do not follow each other on social media, although Judy occasionally comes across Murugi's content online.

Despite being in the public eye, Judy emphasised that she doesn't actively engage with Murugi's content and sees it only occasionally on blogs.

"We don't have any relationship... There's a time Murugi went to Lynn Ngugi's show, something that also made me respond. Am not those people who say silence is golden, when I want to be heard, I'll say what I want to say. Whether you like it or not, Mimi I'll say my side of the story," she said.


Judy addressed the public's obsession with her relationship with Murugi, stating that it's not something she considers herself.

She made it clear that a reunion with Murugi is not on her mind, emphasising that the public is more interested in their relationship than she is.

Judy highlighted her independence in making decisions about her life and relationships.


It's something don't I consider myself, not even something to think about.. Unajua nyinyi the public ndio mko obsessed about it. Me I dont even follow her content. Mi huona tu sometimes kwa blog.

Despite the challenges, Judy revealed that she and her husband worked through their issues and decided to give their marriage a fresh start.


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