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VDJ Jones blasts Willy Paul for releasing a Gengetone track

“RIP Gengetone, finally,” Willy Paul said.

Willy  Paul

Popular musician Willy Paul has released a new gem titled Manyuria, that is heavily inspired by Gengetone. Apparently, not everyone is taking Pozee's latest effort very well, especially Gengetone advocates.

Soon as Pozee announced the new release on his Instagram page, Gengetone DJ and stakeholder VDJ Jones didn't hesitate to slide on the comments section slamming Willy Paul.

VDJ Jones is going at Willy's neck for dropping the new Gengetone-fused record, despite recently making some ill comments about the contemporary local genre.

"Welcome to Gengetone baby gal. I must sponsor you the next project by joining kambi kubwa," Jones commented under Willy's post.


The Jigi Jigi singer caught wind of Jones' comment and he didn't take long to fire back, while addressing Jones as " DJ Ombwakni."

"Baby girl ni nani tena wewe DJ Ombwakni," Willy replied. VDJ Jones then decided to take things to the next level. "Mimi siwezi kubishana na mwanaume anaenda salon. Enda unyurie hukooo. Kanyambe huko," Jones wrote.

On his own Instagram page, VDJ Jones also posted a video of himself further denouncing Pozee, while also calling out Gengetone artists who appear on the Manyuria video. “…Niliona kijana fulani anasema gengetone finally is dead… Alafu unaenda unatoa ngoma, gengetone bado. Umetoka kwa ma love Unanyuria nini? Na unachukua wasanii Mnakuaje ma vixen kwa Willy Paul?" VDJ Jones said in the video.

Jones didn’t stop there, the disc jockey continued to let off his chest in the caption. "Ambieni Willy Paul tutamfinya na aache mazoeano! Unadiss Gengetone then unarelease Gengetone 😂😂😂umepagawa??? Welcome to the family, in fact I’ll personally sponsor your next project ya Gengetone,” he wrote.


On Tuesday, a few days prior to releasing his new single, Willy Paul made a series of rants on social media declaring the "death" of gengetone. The way he expressed his message, it's safe to say Pozee believes he's the reason gengetone is no longer relevant.

RIP Gengetone, finally,” Willy wrote on social media. When he received some backlash, the singer went on to write, “Why are you guys upset after I said R.I.P Gengetone, surely you are supposed to be happy.”

In this internet era, it has become pretty common for artists and content creators in different lines of work to use social media antics to stay relevant and promote new material.

Celebrities have become fond of faking beefs and stirring up controversies just to keep their names popping up on everyone's timeline.


In June 2021, Willy Paul made some surprising accusations against gospel singer Size 8. Pozee claimed that Size 8 had unfollowed and blocked him on Instagram, despite her being a Gospel artist.

Size 8, you blocked me on instagram just like that. 4 years now. is that what God's people do? Surely ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu haushiki. Thought tulikua brother na sister. Anyway, thanks a lot woman of God. Remember, no one is perfect!” he wrote.

Size 8's husband DJ Mo ended up in the mix after he came for his lover's rescue. “Nitakufinya… Niko na kazi -You know me well , you know what i'm capable of doing…Nitakufinya last warning ⚠️” DJ Mo wrote under Willy Paul’s post.

Willy Paul, seemingly hoping that the social media back and forth would continue, turned his guns towards DJ Mo. “Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini? Kama mbaya mbaya, ukweli usemwe tu. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo. Wewe ambia serikali ikupatie kazi!!"

A few days later, just as fans were still trying to figure out what was going between the two, Willy Paul and Size 8 premiered their new collaboration titled Lenga.


It turned out that all the upheaval was just to promote their new joint effort. The music video also features DJ Mo "threatening" Pozee with the infamous term "Nitakufinya."

Perhaps, Willy Paul was just making the gengetone comments to promote his new track. If that's the case, VDj Jones might be playing along to give him the attention he's seeking.

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