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Verah Sidika 'surgery', Njugush attacked, Eve Mungai saga and more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

If you missed the biggest stories of the week PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you;

A collage of Tems, Eve Mungai, Lilian Muli and Vera Sidika

Kenyan businesswoman and socialite, Vera Sidika has released a new song amidst heightened claims from her that she had surgery to remove her implants.

On Wednesday, October 5, the socialite came out saying she had opted to do away with her cosmetic implants which she had to enlarge parts of her body but it stands out that it all was nothing less of clout chasing.

In a series of posts and insta stories to her over 2M Instagram followers, the mother of one disclosed that the implants had adverse side effects on her body to a point that they threatened her life further urging ladies not to take the direction she had.


She then went ahead to promise that she will be sharing videos of the surgeries she had in removing the implants and true to her word, she shared bits of the video as she got ready for the surgery.

But it did not show any of the procedures other than numerous wires on her legs and chest promising to release the whole footage of the procedure on Friday, October 7.

She kept her followers waiting for the better part of the day but nothing came up until late in the night after 9:00 PM only for her to release a song on her YouTube channel.


A day after YouTube creator Eve Mungai warned imposters and those spreading falsehoods about the growth and success of her brand, her lawyer has taken the matter to the next level with a legal suit.

In a video seen by this writer, Mungai was accompanied by her lawyer to Kileleshwa Police Station where she recorded a statement on the allegations made in the video by one CP Karao.

Eve, in the post she attached to the video thanked her legal team for moving with speed in ensuring that she gets justice over the matter.


"Thank you to my legal team for acting very fast, The fake GSU is under custody as we wait to proceed in court, hoping justice will prevail," Eve wrote.

While addressing friends and a section of her fans who had accompanied her to the station had this to say on the matter.

"We have reported at the Kileleshwa Police Station and we have come with my client to report an issue whereby we have had certain video circulating for the past three days concerning my client and this video has serious untruth and extreme defamatory attributes," the lawyer said.

Comedian and content creator Timothy Kimani, better known as Njugush, has narrated how he encountered robbers in Nairobi CBD on Thursday evening, October 6, 2022.


Njugush shared the horrible experience of being at the mercy of a gang, narrating how they tricked and lured him into the trap.

The incident happened at midnight as he was driving home when he was intercepted by a frail-looking middle-aged woman who pretended to require his immediate assistance.

The woman preyed on the comedian’s empathy, claiming that she had children who had not eaten for days and asked Njugush for some food to take to them.

She told me she fends for herself, but because of an accident, she was forced to beg. She told me she doesn’t want money but only food,” he narrated.


The woman then asked Njugush to open his car door to confirm that she was indeed injured.

However, in the blink of an eye, immediately after he unlocked the doors, her accomplices entered the car and threatened him with a knife.

Two guys came in from the co-drivers side and pressed a knife on Njugush’s ribs, threatening to stab him.

One of the thugs identified the comedian and instructed him to cooperate, and in return, they would not be hard on him.

They took his phone and started sending money from his mobile money account. As Njugush tried to distract them with a joke, he received a hard slap.


They laughed as the lady in the backseat was transferring the money. They said that even celebrities were going through tough times, asking me to join their gang to make money” Njugush narrated.

As this was going on the comedian was driving around the city under their command. He tried switching on his hazard lights as a signal for help, but none was forthcoming.

They told me where to stop and the two guys alighted first. I tried to grab my phone from the lady as she alighted, and it fell on the floor. I knew that was my cue to speed off because the guys had started running back to the vehicle. I fled the scene with the car doors ajar and drove to Central Police Station,” he concluded.

Njugush then asked Kenyan motorists to beware of the tricks used by the gang and avoid opening the door to strangers.


Celebrity couple Nameless and his wife Wahu today, October 7 revealed the gender of their expected third born in a colorful event.

In the white, blue, and pink-themed event which was attended by close friends, the two revealed the gender of their third born which was shown by the bursting of poppers and letting out a cloud of smoke with the same color as that came from the poppers.

Pink symbolized a girl while blue stood for a boy and according to the video shared and what both wrote on their social media pages, they are expecting a baby girl.


The two shared the good news on their social media platforms where Wahu on her part wrote, "Baba Galz Chairman honored, excited, and ready for Duty," and Nameless copied the same message on his social media platforms.

At the event, Wahu was dressed in a long white dress with a flowered coat on top while her husband was in a short-sleeved white top and black pants with Sauti Sol's musician Bien Aime Baraza hanging around with them among other celebrities.

The couple yesterday shared photos from a photoshoot the two had with Wahu dressed in a long gold dress while Nameless donned a copper-brow half jacket with black trousers.

Nigeria musician Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, has announced the cancellation of her concert in Nairobi.


Tems shared the news with her disappointed fans on Thursday night, October 6, in a post where she described the move as heartbreaking.

Hey, Kenya. Honestly, it’s quite heartbreaking to say this, but I will not be able to perform at the Tukutane Festival due to circumstances beyond my control.

I am as disappointed as you all are but I look forward to coming and giving you a show that you deserve. Love you all,” she said.

The concert was scheduled to take place on October 15, at the Jamuhuri Sports Grounds and tickets to the show had already started selling from Sh2,000.


The organisers announced that they would be rescheduling the Tukutane Festival at a later date, accusing the Nigerian musician of pulling a surprise on them despite paying her performance fees.

Sadly Tems has cancelled her show in Nairobi on October 15 due to circumstances completely unexpected to us.

As of three days ago, all was going according to schedule and plan. We paid for Tems in full 15 days before the performance date and to our surprise as soon as the payment was made, her manager mentioned that she is no longer comfortable coming to Kenya and just does not want to perform for her Kenya fans. We were shook, heartbroken and financially wounded,” the organisers said in a statement.

They announced that those who had bought tickets would be fully refunded and apologised for the inconvenience.


Citizen TV's prime-time news anchor Lillian Muli has said that she never wanted to study media, rather, she was forced by her late father to get into journalism.

The TV queen, who has been on screen for close to [twenty- anything above nine is written in numerals, I emphasised this so many times!] years now, said she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father who was a lawyer saying she liked his professional attire.

"My late dad was an advocate of the High Court and later was in a law firm that he co-owned with his partners and I looked up to this man so much. He was the best-spoken man I had ever met, he was elegant and in those days they used to wear wigs and gowns so I would go to his office and see the wigs and gowns and so I always wanted to do law," Lillian said.

According to Lillian, she participated in school debates to prepare for future law studies but little did she know her father had different plans for her. She says her father advised her that her personality was not fit for her to do law.


"Here I thought I was going to transition into law, and I was absolutely not. You are not doing law because you are not that type of personality, I don't see you being a lawyer and I asked why," Lillian said.

Muli, however, admitted that sometimes parents know what is good for their children to some extent.

"But I think our parents understand us better to some extent so he literally frogmarched me into Daystar, got the admission forms, and the rest is history. I did electronic media communication and minored in marketing and that is how I ended up in media," Lillian added.

Afro-pop singer Madini Classic on Monday took to his social media and wished his former lover Pritty Vishy a happy birthday as the content creator turned a year older.


Despite the two having separated after dating for some months, Madini seems not to have carried their differences in his heart as he took to social media to also explain why he has not spoken on details of their breakup.

In his message to the content creator, Madini addressed a recent Q&A she hosted with her fans and where she officially announced that she is now single.

"Hello Purity Rodenyi a few days ago I saw your response to a fan who asked if we are still together... mmmm! I would have regularized violence but wewe ni baby girl unahitaji kubembelezwa kama mtoto. Anyway happy birthday to you," Madini wrote.

Prior to the singer writing to his ex-lover the goodwill message, Pritty had posted a picture on her social media celebrating her big day which Madini took and reposted on his Instagram.


In the photo, Pritty announced she had turned 21.

"Happiest birthday to me, 21st looks good on me," Pritty Vishy wrote.

Former P-Unit crew member Gabriel Kagundu known by his stage name Gabu is in recuperation after he underwent surgery.

Gabu who recently shared a photo while in hospital revealed that he underwent the medical procedure to remove a scalp swelling that he has had for the last seven years.


“Any surgery whether major or minor is scary for anyone. When I went to the hospital for a ‘small’ procedure to remove a scalp swelling that I’ve had for over seven years I was praying for the best.

Radio personality and Kiss 100 radio presenter, Kamene Goro has come out clear that she has not been married yet after stories of a secret wedding spread out.

The morning show host cleared the air during her show saying she was amazed to see stories all over suggesting that she had already tied a knot with her lover DJ Bonez.


Prior to her clearing the air on the matter, the two on the weekend of September 22 and 23, spent time together in Diani and shared photos and videos showing off what looked like wedding and engagement rings.

In a number of videos she shared on her Insta stories, the radio presenter showed her two huge gold rings, among them her engagement ring.

The day after Kamene shared photos of her dressed in a long white dress and although it was not a gown, it further raised speculations on whether she had been married but today she made all that clear saying it is not yet time.

"It is good news, it's fantastic news but I want to make the records straight guys, not married just yet. But however, we give it time until sometime next year when I will be married," Kamene said.


Kamene could not believe that the public had conceived the news that she had been married secretly adding that she had gone to attend a friend's wedding but she agreed that at least someone had proposed and she had been engaged.

" So no, I am not married, there was no secret wedding, it was a friend's wedding that I was actually going to be an MC. I did not get married but the good news is that I got engaged," she added.

Kamene has in the recent past been hanging out with her new man who she has been dating for a while. They have been doing jigs together in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru among other places as seen on posters shared on her social media platforms.


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