A video has surfaced online showing the Boy (Shanty) who died "The NaiFest" being beaten by bouncers as Netizens continue to call for justice to be served.

In the video, bouncers are the seen manhandling the boy in question as they navigate through the crowd that had attended the event before bouncing on him with kicks and blows.

The video was shared on social media by P-Unit’s Frasha who said that he is willing to follow up the matter and ensure justice is served.

Video of the boy who died at NaiFest being beaten by bouncers’ surface online
Video of the boy who died at NaiFest being beaten by bouncers’ surface online

Frasha's take

“The blood of this young man shall not go in vain am looking for the parents of Shanty. Those who bet him to death must be brought to book and face the law . Kindly help me find the parents #justiceforshanty #makechangeinthesmallestwaypossible #makinglifebeautifulforothers

The truth shall set you free these are the last moments of shanty before he died .I hope this help to get justice for him .Kesho tupatane hapo kabete police station 10am #justiceforshanty #makinglifebeautifulforothers #makechangeinthesmallestwaypossible #mungumbeleshared Frasha.

The video comes at a time the organizer of the event Bridget Achieng had denied reports of Shanty being beaten by bouncers contracted to provide security at the event.


Bridget's Explanation

In a recent interview, Achieng mentioned that Shanty’s case is being investigated by detectives for DCI and she has recorded several statements concerning the same.

“From the day the event ended I have been at the DCI for three days, we were looking for their family, and when their family was found they were throwing blames at me, because they did not have anyone else to throw blames at…” Bridget told Jalang’o TV.

Is it true that the Bouncers beat the kid? Bridget was asked.

Bridget Achieng,
Bridget Achieng,

She replied “that is a lie, we all go to events na bouncer ukileta ujinga atakusukuma tu…it’s just malice and that’s why the case is at DCI…we took that boy to hospital where he passed on, its my team that took him to hospital”.

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