I didn't choose to be an influencer, it just happened - Sir Alexas


Sir Alexas

Who is Sir Alexas?

I am Aleckie Ronald but popularly known as Sir Alexas on social media. I work with Radio Africa as a Sports producer and a presenter for a sports show; TheScoreKE. I also work with Safaricom, OdiBets and a tour company; Killian tours.

In your words, who is an influencer and would you describe yourself as one?

An influencer is a person who has some power over your decisions. Someone who can make you change how you see some things. For example, you might not like consuming a certain drink but they influence you to try it out. So yes, I do think I am an influencer.

Tell us about your journey in the Digital space

It started with Facebook in 2009. Back then, there wasn't any kind of influencing; it was just fun. After that, I moved to Twitter. KOT was not yet KOT back then. What sparked the fire in KOT started with ‘Someone tell CNN’. Conversation started and we moved to other topics like ‘Kenya vs Nigeria’ and that's when KOT became bullies to other countries. The more I engaged with people, the more my numbers grew, friends were made and I started connecting with brands and well, here we are.

What does your day look like?

My day starts at 6AM mainly because I hold the first morning shift at work. I work from home so by 10AM, I'm usually done. After that, I am free but this depends with if I don't have engagements from my other hustles. If I have a report to do for a campaign, I do it then I just chill; watching TV, listening to music and chilling. Wake up at 6. Sleep at 12 am. Haha.

Describe your content

Mostly fun. Nothing serious. Very minimal serious stuff. Most of it is banter, majorly about football, movies and music. Just chill stuff.

In comparison to other markets, are Kenyan influencers doing it right?

Before we were not but now we're stepping up; especially on Instagram and Twitter. Someone like Kimanzi is stepping up in the fashion industry and with his engagement with Guinness. White Cap influencers are bringing their A-game and Johnny Walker influencers as well are doing an amazing job. Everyone is stepping up and we are on the right direction. Soon we will be the best, not only in Kenya but Africa and worldwide, because we are now investing in ourselves

Are there cartels in influencership?

(Laughs). Not really. Okay, it boils down to being comfortable with who you are working with. Take Safaricom, they have worked with roughly the same influencers over the last 5 years and rarely change them. For example, if they have 100 influencers and they have a campaign, they know which influencer to pick and work with. It's because that group has delivered. Nothing to do with cartels. I know upcoming influencers are also getting these gigs but sometimes a brand prefers a familiar group that they are comfortable working with. It's not about cartels, it's about understanding your brand. Sometimes an influencer goes beyond their set KPIs and brands love that. There's that loyalty because they've shown they can stand for you. So the next time a brand is seeking people to influence a campaign, they'll honor that loyalty.

Do you have any type of content you shy away from?

Mostly politics. If you want to engage me on BBI, I will not because I'm not comfortable. This is because I need to be genuine with my audience. If a brand has a bad reputation online, it's very hard to pick it up. An example, Kenya Film Classification Board. They are controversial and no content creator will work with that because your genuinity comes into question. In terms of payment, I cannot take on work that wouldn’t match the payment. I politely decline.

Why did you choose the influencing life?

Ha!. I didn't choose. Ilihappen tu. I was enjoying myself on social media and when the numbers grew, a brand reached out so I just went with it. So when I started campaigning for that brand, another noticed me and since it's paying, I wouldn't quit. Thing is, it's not like that for everyone. Some choose this life and some don’t.

Are there challenges to it?

Heh. Payment. We have brands who pay on time, brands who delay, brands who say the CFO is not around. Some influencers rely on this for bills. Its crazy.

What’s your Twitter hack?

Silence is Golden. Most people want to fight back every time. Sometimes silence passes a bigger message. There are people who are not worthy of your response. Keep quiet, go on with your life. We are all different.

How do you separate your online vs personal life?

Give them what they want to know. There are things you don't have to share. It's about discerning what you should share and what you shouldn't. People are different though. Some opt to tell us about their lives others opt to keep it to themselves. Before I started influencing, life was the same, honestly, it was okay. Same old trolls, same old tweets. What has changed is the partying. We started partying a lot.

Parting Shot

Give quality work. Deliver. Understand your brand.


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