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Mollage: Influencing is where the money resides

KRA wanatumaliza bana

Mollage: Influencing is where the money resides

She calls herself Msupa M and on that, she was not kidding. Mollage has striking eyes and a face that calls your attention. Pulse Live spoke to the lovely, camera-shy Mollage on social media and influencing.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am a social media influencer and a marketer

What would you say is your preferred social media platform?


I love Twitter because it is text-heavy and haina positive vibes. Like, haina fake positive vibes kama Instagram. Hakuna fakeness mingi on Twitter. I like it because most people are real and give their raw opinions on things.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who alters people's decisions on things they buy or gives people recommendations on things to purchase. I am an influencer and technically everyone is an influencer. Even I can get influenced depending on the authenticity of what the person is saying.

So, tell us about the ‘you’ on Twitter.

I have been on the platform roughly since 9 years ago. I have met amazing people on Twitter, wonderful friends and it has fully given me the career I have right now.


Tell us about your typical day?

My day starts at 6 and no lie, I check my phone when I wake up. After checking Twitter and social media updates, I start working on my influencing tasks as well as other tasks from my other business engagements.

How would you describe your content?

I’d describe it as very current and somewhat relatable; infused with a bit of humor. I’m funny sometimes.


Are Kenyan influencers doing it right as compared to other influencers in Africa/America?

In comparison to other markets, we have a long way to go. The influencing scene is still growing but growth is growth. One thing with being an influencer is that it's always a learning experience. So I’d say we’re definitely headed there and our content is starting to take shape especially with the rise of TikTok.

What are your thoughts on cartels in influencing?

Yes, definitely, cartels exist but I don't look at it like it's such a bad thing. The cartels are very useful. If you work with someone who you're familiar with, and is very good at what they do, I would definitely want to work with them again and recommend more opportunities to them.


Are there rules to creating content on Twitter?

You know you can say and probably get away with that. As a Twitter user, you should know what you want to stand for because you have to stand for something. You also have to know the impact of what you're going to tweet. Of course there are some things I would want to tweet about but I dont ju najua italeta makasiriko. Personally, I cannot comment on anything LGBTQ, anything sensitive about children including memes and such. I also tend to avoid topics on people living with disability and religion. I find them sensitive and controversial so I stay away from such content.

Why did you choose a digital career path?

(Laughs)It's where the money resides. Honestly, when I was starting out, it was about passion and most people in my circle were about the influencing life. They actually influenced me to take the influencer route and looking back, I am glad I did. The money also played a huge factor in me sticking to that career path.

Thoughts on Digital Tax?


I would rather not pay it. KRA wanatumaliza bana.


Heh, kuna clients sumbua sana. It's not always bad though, because there are good clients as well. Another thing, I don't like the fact that we are limited to certain brand values. You kind of lose authenticity when you filter yourself out to fit in with the brand’s values. I also get a lot of trolls. A lot. My three go-tos: Block, Mute, Report.

Advice to other content creators


Be authentic. Don't lose yourself. Don't try to be someone else. You can always pick a few constructive traits from some people but be you. Another thing is be intentional with your consistency. You need to really know what you want because that way, most of your audience will relate to you.


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