Zarilyn Zonroe talks about her Marilyn Monroe inspiration & life as a YouTuber


Zarilyn Zonroe

Pulse Live had a chance to speak to Zahra and boy, is she a delight. Popularly known as Zarilyn Zonroe, Zahra is a free-spirited go-getter and we had quite a lovely time getting to know her.

So, let’s start...

My name is Zahra Msiteka, popularly known as Zarilyn Zonroe. I'm a content creator, brand influencer and a YouTuber. In high school, I was so obsessed with Marilyn Monroe so I changed her name to sort of fit mine.

What’s your type of content?

Fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle. I do this because ni vitu napenda. It's much easier to create content on things that you like.

Who's an influencer?

An influencer in my opinion is someone who can get people to do something. For example, If I ask you to try out a product and people try it out, you have influenced them. So, yeah, I'm definitely an influencer.

When did you start in the digital space and what prompted you?

I started around 2019 and I used to do promo jobs. That’s brand ambassadorship jobs. So when I went for my jobs, I'd get a lot of compliments on my hair and makeup and people would ask me to do that for them. I usually don't prefer doing hair and makeup so I do teach people how to do their own.

How would you describe your audience?

Young adults. I’d say between 18- 27.

How has being on the digital impacted your life generally?

It's been great. It has given me many opportunities and a platform to be myself. I have also been able to help myself, help other people, inspire them and shine a light in their lives. It's been great.


Yes, there are. Getting brand deals and working with brands. It's really not as easy as it looks. It's tough and hectic so I struggle with that. If you are a brand, hit me up. (Laughs)

What about trolls?

Surprisingly, I don't get trolls. It doesn't happen often. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say 1. And that one person I usually ignore them.

Personal rules in your content creation?

I don't like showing my life on screen too much. I show a lot, yes, but I have boundaries so I don't show some people in my life and other aspects of it. Another would be showing something that can jeopardize my brand or put me at risk of getting other deals.

What's a common misconception about you?

People think I'm a big influencer and I'm not. I'm literally just an everyday person.

How do you balance between your social and online life?

I don't think I have a different social life. My friends are my friends both online and social so there really is no gap.

How was life before this?

Boring. Life ilikuwa boring before content creation. I'd just go to school and work and it became a routine. I’m still in school, though.

Give us one Social media hack

When posting content, please post from 7pm-9pm because that's when most people are active online.

Anything you’d like other Content creators to know?

Start with what you have but don't compare yourself to people. You can look for inspiration but just don't compare yourself to anyone.

By the end of the year…

I’d like my content recognized internationally.


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