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We don’t talk - Kartelo speaks on fallout with Chipukeezy

We are not on good terms - Kartelo

Chipukeezy and Kartelo

Comedian Nick Chege alias Kartelo has addressed his alleged fallout with comedian and media personality Chipukeezy, with a revelation that they are no longer in touch.

The two were known to be good friends and even co-hosted a show together on both Ebru TV and TV 47, but their appearances together reduced drastically, raising eyebrows among their fans.

“We don’t talk nowadays, so I was not even aware when he came back from the US. We don’t talk or work together anymore. These things do happen. Ni issues tu za watu. But we are not on good terms, I will not go into the details.

"But I respect him very much because he has helped me a lot, and in the process, we have also helped each other, we passed through a lot together. So out of that respect, I can’t even beef with him," Kartelo revealed.


Kartelo went on to state that he was willing to iron out their differences in a sit-down cautioning that he was not ready as yet.

“Bado tu kuna vitu ziliendelea zenye zilifanya hatubongi na hatuskizani (What happened between us is why we can't speak to-date and we can't see eye-to-eye),” he said.

However, Kartelo failed to rule out the possibility of ever working with Chipukeezy again in the future.

“Siwezi kosa kuwork na yeye, juu binadamu hukuwa na weakness zako but ukiona mtu amereform na mnaskizana tena na anapeleka mambo fity mnaweza work pamoja tena


"(I can't refuse work from him, everyone has their weaknesses but if you can agree with someone, they reform and things are done the right way then you can work together),” Kartelo noted.

He also mentioned that Chipukeezy has tried to reach him, regretting that he is not ready to link up with him.

The funnyman went on to confess that his overnight fame came with a lot of confusion. noting that he had learned how to handle things with patience.


“Fame inakuwanga very confusing sana na hii nitashinda nikiambia hadi watoto wangu…ni moment confusing sana, kila mtu anataka a piece of you

"(Fame is very confusing and I'll even teach my own children that... it's very confusing when everyone wants a piece of you),” Kartelo explained.

Kartelo said that currently, he is focused on running his own recording studio and his online radio dubbed Rieng Radio.

In June 2021, Chipukeezy also clarified that there is no bad blood between him and Kartelo, after fans noticed that they are not following each other on Instagram.


“Sidhani nili-unfollow Kartelo. Sisi ni watu wa ghetto na tuko tu sawa. Hata wewe kwa Instagram yako unaweza pata ume-unfollow…so wacheni kuwa petty wasee. Kwani tunadate, ati sasa tuki-unfollow each other kuna noma. Wacheni Ujinga, Si pia nani aliunfollow mbona hiyo hamkuona.

"Hata we have not unfollowed each other, hiyo propaganda wasee wanataka ku-spread ni [expletive]. Kartelo ako sawa na ni boy wangu,” said Chipukeezy.


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