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Why Azziad Nasenya could soon relocate to Germany

Azziad was recently on a trip to France and had to cut short her trip because of work demands

Azziad Nasenya

Influencer and content creator, Azziad Nasenya, could soon be a resident of a different continent after she hinted at moving abroad.

Azziad revealed it has been in her plans for a long time but setbacks have constantly pulled her back among them the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, the sassy influencer said she was not certain of whether she wanted to move out of the country but time was going to tell whether she was going to relocate.

"Actually I was supposed to relocate after form four and then something happened and then I had to stay, then in 2020 then covid happened, you remember it was shut down, then I went viral."


"I don't know, I think time will tell because you know as time goes by we continue living, and our paths continue changing," she noted.

The 21-year-old mentioned that she has built a solid brand in Kenya and relocating would have to be for a greater reason.

Having just come from a trip abroad, Azziad added that she instantly misses Kenyan delicacies the moment she is out of the country.


She noted that she was to stay away longer but was forced to return early due to work demands.

"I came back two days ago - Saturday- I was not supposed to but I got a job ilifaa nirudi, and then in the middle of it, I was supposed to be here."

Azziad was present at the Nyayo National Stadium for the Jamhuri Day celebrations where she alongside other content creators entertained guests and attendees present.


Other content creators that turned up for the 59th Jamhuri Day celebrations include comedians Njugush, Terence Creative, MCA Tricky, Crazy Kennar and Jacky Vike.


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