You’re wasting your energy – Anerlisa Muigai to men who keep doing this to her

Please cut that crap-Anerlisa

You’re wasting your energy – Anerlisa Muigai to men who keep doing this to her

Keroche heiress and Nero Company boss Anerlisa Muigai has asked men who have been unfollowing and following her on social media, to stop wasting their energy.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Muigai said that the men who do this hoping to get her attention should stop the drivel, because nothing good will come out of it.

Those male followers who unfollow then re-follow again like 10, 000 times to get my attention, Please cut that crap. You’re wasting your energy,” she wrote on her insta-story.

Anerlisa Muigai did not, however, disclose the identity of who these men are.

This comes shortly after it was reported that she had parted ways with her Tanzania singer husband Bernard Paulo, who is popularly known as Ben Paul.

Despite not going public with their breakup, Anerlisa recently revealed that they were not in good terms, adding that she likes to be respected, and likes to protect her public image at all times.

The Executive Still water boss went on to mention that husbands, should accord the same respect to their wives, as she narrated how she had received a call from someone asking her if she was aware of what her husband was doing on an Instagram live. The person in question even sent her screenshots of the live video but she did not get to watch it.

Somebody called asking if I was aware that “my husband” was live talking things she couldn’t understand, she even sent me screenshots. Unfortunately, I never got to watch but just to make it clear that we are not in good terms. I am a person who likes to protect my image and all I know is that I like being respected and any husband should do the same to their wife,” said Anerlisa Muigai.


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