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YY addresses betrayal by Kakamega family after building them a house

YY says he feels betrayed after a local TV station aired the family's story, in which they accused the comedian of building them a substandard house

Comedian YY poses for a photo

Comedian Oliver Otieno, better known as YY, has addressed grievances raised by a family for whom he built a house in Mumias, Kakamega.

YY built a house for Roselyn Odhiambo and her husband Willy after their plight moved many Kenyans. The couple had been forced to sell their roofing iron sheets to pay their son’s hospital bill in May 2022.

The couple lived in a mud-walled house and was exposed to harsh weather conditions. Their situation touched YY, who volunteered to, single-handedly, build a brick-walled house for them.

Fast-forward to November 2022, the family now says the building is on the verge of collapse, adding that YY deserted them.


"A well-wisher (YY) came here and offered to build us a new house. At first, the construction was okay, but as days went by, I noted they were not building it rightly.

“After they were done with the roofing, the well-wisher came and told me he would return with the doors, but I have never seen him again,” Roselyn said in an interview with West TV.

In response to the story, YY said he was disappointed because he felt betrayed by the couple for not appreciating his contribution.

The comedian said he was not to blame for the deteriorating structure of the house, because the couple had picked the masons themselves and ignored his advice to look for other professionals who would guarantee quality results.


YY said during several trips to check on the progress of the construction, he noticed that the masons were not doing a good job, but the couple would always defend them.

I am surprised that in their story on TV, they never mentioned the masons but instead chose to blame me,” the comedian said.

He added that the masons admitted they did not cure the concrete used to construct the house, causing the walls and support structures to become weak.

Curing plays an important role in the strength development and durability of concrete

The funny man said he halted the construction of his own house and redirected the funds to help the struggling family, yet they were not grateful.


He added that he notices red flags in the beginning but chose to show compassion instead. One of the red flags was that the couple asked the masons to build a bigger house than the one YY had agreed to finance.

He noticed and chose to proceed because the family was in need.

Even from their communication, I have not seen them show gratitude, only blame games,” he said.

The comedian said he had learned his lesson and will be more analytical before lending his help to anyone.


He said the huge amount of money he had pumped into the construction was a burden he had chose to bear, but now feels betrayed.


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