Former TV host reveals interesting details after being asked if she ever uses a condom (video)

Away from the hullabaloo that is the aftermath of Trump’s election for a moment.

A former KBC journalist and TV host has revealed juicy details about her sex life that are bound to fill the grapevine for quite a while.

Elizabeth Irungu who has made the transition from a TV personality to one of the biggest social media personalities in Kenya has revealed she is a virgin and insisted on it.

Talking to Ghafla this afternoon, the beautiful Elizabeth stated that, while many of the experiences she spoke about online were hers, there are quite a number that were shared to her by other women.

However, given her escapades and the juicy details of her relationships, the Ghafla team is not buying her claim.

This is a stunning hot 27 year old who truly enjoys the thrills of the wild life and has been in a couple of relationships so far.

It is more like Elizabeth Irungu was sidestepping the question on whether she takes it raw. Here is the quite revealing interview


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