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Celina responds to questions about when she is getting a baby

Celina hataki mchezo.

Phil and Kate on their wedding day  ( @mwanikiweddings)

When you have been married for some time and with no child in sight, some people tend to ask questions like “When are you getting a child?”

Catherine ‘Celina’ Kamau has responded to these kinds of questions in the most Catherine way possible, with sass.

“Ask me a question I have time today. Of course za ufala nitalenga,” Catherine wrote inviting fans to ask questions in a Q&A session on Instagram.

“Getting a baby any (time) soon?” Read one question and Catherine responded with, “Hizi sijibu tu relax. Pris kuna mtu nimefungia jam?”


“Mtoi wa pili anakam when?” came another question.

“Now why do you want a rude answer? I said none of your business” Catherine retorted.

While she seemed offended by the baby questions, she had some advice on how to date as a single mum.

“Did it ever cross your mind that you might never find you a man as a single mum? If yes how did you deal?” read the question.


”I honestly wasn’t looking because my heart was shattered then, I had committed myself to giving my son the best. Men can smell desperation from miles away. They also notice a focused, ambitious woman especially one who loves her child unconditionally. I am talking about a real man here, of course, the way you carry and value yourself as a single mom will determine the kind of man you will unconsciously attract,” she revealed.

Celina’s son

Celina has a son named Leon who she got at the tender age of 19.

She disclosed that she had barely explored her campus life when she fell pregnant in less than two months after joining campus. This is because she didn’t know anything about contraceptives.


“I was 19, I had just joined campus in Uganda I grew up with my very strict mum. This was my first time alone, first time away, exploring. Aki hata sikumaliza 2 months nikajazwo! (I hadn’t even finished 2 months in campus when I got pregnant.) It was so confusing. I can’t believe I didn’t know about family planning. I didn’t know, it happened and life changed I had to come home and get my baby,” she said on Talk Central.

When she came back home she was lucky that her strict mum was away studying but she had to write a letter profusely apologizing for disappointing her mum “My mum was away studying in South Africa so I wrote her a very huge letter apologizing. I think that was her greatest fear me getting pregnant cos she got me when she was very young but I disappointed her. It wasn’t easy my mum was very excited (after the birth of Leon) but I had to earn her trust again.”

Blended Family

When Phil married Celina about two years ago, he accepted her son as his own and Leon now calls him dad and together they form a beautiful blended family.


In an interview with SDE Karanja confessed that he had no problem adopting Leon and taking up parental responsibilities.

“I personally have never had an issue with adopting a child. Even when I was young, I would often say I will adopt children when I am older. I guess it boils down to one’s personality,” he revealed.

Phil has also developed a strong bond with Leon and they are a lot like brothers. “We are like brothers now. Our bond is so strong nowadays the mum gets jealous at times. Though I keep stressing that I am not his friend first, I am his father and teacher first.”


And for those men who want to get into the life of their spouse's child, Philip advised “Weigh very carefully if it’s a situation you are ready for because it’s a lifetime commitment. It’s a big responsibility and before you ruin an innocent child’s life, think long and hard if you are ready for it.”


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