After bitter fall out with Churchill, Titus Wagithomo resurfaces in new show

In early 2015, Titus Wagithomo left Churchill show an angry man...

Titus Wagithomo

“To all of you calling me and in-boxing me asking why I’m no longer on Churchill Raw/Show, let me state it here that you shouldn’t expect me anytime soon.

Some things are not always what they seem to be. That is one “f-ed up” company. Churchill is one guy that hides in sheepskin to create this facade of goodwill. The fact is, an artiste would rather do his act in a bar and for free than assume that his/her efforts will pay off under the “Churchill” umbrella. That is one mean guy. Too bad comedy in Kenya is still under a monopoly. But a day will come when..(let me not say more)…#‎NoAssKissing”  He wrote confirming his exit from Churchill .

A statement that was disputed by Churchill’s manager who said that the reason Wagithomo was disgruntled was because he didn’t enjoy the fast life he assumed would come with being a comedian on such a huge platform. He also added that Wagithomo did not get to perform on numerous times because he failed to comply with rules that expected every comedian to show up on Tuesday, present their jokes which would then get vetted for Thursday performances.

Not much has been heard about Wagithomo in the last two years, but he is back and back with a bang as he is trending all over Facebook. This is because of an unforgettable skit he did on Kikuyu comedy show ‘Centro Comedy’  alongside his wife Nice Njeri of Auntie Boss.

Wagithomo is not the only Churchill Comedian to cross over to Centro Comedy as JB Masanduku was also spotted at a recent perfomance.


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