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Churchill Show’s MCA tricky joins prestigious high school (Photo)

He is taking a stab at getting his high school diploma.

He broke the good news on social media with a post that read “Good morning from @lightacademykenya. Asante Mungu kwa nafasi hii, naingia daro wasee, baadaye#Good day.”

High school fees at Light International School can range from KES 156,000 to KES 264,000 per term depending on what year you are in and whether you are a weekly boarder or full boarder. The amount does not include things like Emergency Ambulance Services, Career Counselling Program and Examination fee which are charged separately. This is according to the fee structure:

From the photo he shared, it is highly likely that the comedian got sponsored by the school.


That is not the only good thing that has happened to MCA Tricky this year. Speaking to Pulse Magazine, MCA disclosed that he is making a killing in comedy and earns a 6 figure stipend for every performance. “Comedy pays well and my brand demands a six-figure performance fee.” He revealed.

But his journey to the top wasn’t easy as he came from the streets which inspired his stage name MCA (Member of Chokora’s Assembly) Tricky. His fortune turned for the better when he went for an audition at Carnivore and got in despite his different style of comedy.

“For a moment, I wasn’t sure what to expect from them since mine was a different style of comedy that revolved around my life story. For the first few minutes, they took pity on me judging by their reactions, but with time I could hear them roaring in laughter. I knew this was the beginning of good things to come.” He disclosed.


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