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David The Student takes full responsibility after accusations of being a conman in US

The comedian has been on the receiving due to his con actions

In a statement seen by, David has apologized to all the people he borrowed or lent money from which he hasn't refunded.

“Hello, I have spent time reading this, and some of it is true(the borrowing of Money) But I have never told  anyone my Dad has cancer. Coming here(America) made me realize life here aint what we see and think there’s a dollar tree falling and people catch…being here for a couple of months had made me appreciate the hard work most of you guys (Kenyans in America) work so Hard to take care of your families and to live the American Dream. I apologies to anybody and everyone those I borrowed and those who lent me and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed” reads Part of David the Student's apology.


Societal pressure

The comedian added that there is so much pressure in the society forcing many TV stars to live beyond their means.

“Not that some will care about the truth is there’s is so much pressure being on TV to live a certain life, but in real sense this shit is crazy. I am not anyway defending my actions .,. I am taking full responsibility of some of the accusations.. and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry” added David.



David who had a one-time gone to audition for America Got Talent, was being housed by a Kenyan promoter Steven Mbugua, who stays in US, but they parted ways after he received numerous complains that his guest was conning people.



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