Churchill Show Director responds to expose on frustrating comedians resulting in depression

Churchill show drama takes a new twist as director responds

Zeddy performing on Churchill show

Churchill Show Director Victor Ber has responded to damning claims made by comedian Zainabu Zeddy who accused him (Ber) of frustrating comedians, leading them to depression with a some of them allegedly taking their own lives.

In a series of comments both on social media and on Jalango’s show, Zeddy alleged that Ber sabotaged the career of female comedians to give his wife, Wanjiku an edge and is the biggest cause of depression among comedians.

Ber dismissed the claims, stating that despite the damning allegations made by Zeddy, they would still remain friends, adding that he was ready to invite her to Churchill show.

"Yes, without a doubt (I will welcome her). Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more and it wasn't until Wednesday (July 8) that I picked up my phone and texted her and she called me back. I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they were," Ber told Daily Nation.

The director read malice in Zeddy’s allegations, stating that someone keen on bringing down Churchill show was pushing Zeddy to heap blame on him and create a fallout within the team behind the award-winning show.

According to Zeddy, so serious is the situation that a number of comedians have sunk into depression before their eventual deaths.

Sabotaging comedians to give wife undue advantage

Njenga Mswahili and Kasee are among the Churchill Show comedians whose recent deaths have raised eyebrows.

Zeddy revealed that sabotage is part of the game and so serious is the situation that Njenga Mswahili sunk into depression and was admitted an Mathari Mental Hospital.

“Ber never wanted any female comedians to succeed so that his wife could shine. That is the reason we have few female comedians. When Wanjiku put up her Comedy Queens show at KICC, the girls were threatened to perform,” posted Zeddy.

She added that Kasee who recently passed on was pushed to the limits and became homeless before her death.

Asked why she stated that Ber is the biggest cause of depression among comedians, Zeddy firmly affirmed her stand stating: “Kwa sababu ni yeye, yeah I am sure”.


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