Shix Kapienga attacked over MC Jesse

Shix Kapienga has been the recipient of nasty attacks over the Churchill Show comedian...

MC Jesse

Rumours which MC Jesse denied and Shix ignored. But people on Instagram didn’t as Shix revealed during the ‘Let’s Talk’ show on Ebru TV.

“There is this guy.” Pierra said before Shix interrupted with “I will pull a Moses Kuria here”.But Pierra convinced her to stay before saying “You know I love MC Jesse, he is my boy, we are tight mpaka alikuwa ameitwa baby daddy at some point coz me and Jesse are real tight. And I’m among the lucky few who know that he is not my baby daddy but he dates someone really tight and close to my heart

She then went on and turned to the screen and started telling MC Jesse how lucky he was to have landed a hot chic like Shix. “Babe, how did you manage to keep such a thing a secret?” She said after turning to Shix.

To which Shix replied with “My God, wow, honestly I respect this show but I don’t want to talk about my personal life and especially on TV because of how things had turned out some time back. So if you guys would just respect that. It’s my personal life”

She then went on to caution people about oversharing on social media “Stop sharing about your families man…as in don’t talk too much about them. Because there is a point people start using your family and close friends against you. They start using those things against you. Coz enyewe guys don’t have chills. We are humans sisi huumia...hata saa hii huwezi jua siku yangu imekuwa aje na niko hapa najaribu kukuchekesha. I will not throw my personal life in your faces so if it surfaces know that someone betrayed my trust and made it public. I don’t like that, and if I know that kuna story kama hiyo mi huchorea.”

Before she started getting a bit worked up over the attacks she received after news of her situation with MC Jesse broke out. “Si unanijua, si wewe ndio unajua nadate MC Jesse, si unajua vile tulianzana, si basi ujibamabe. I trolled and guys called me names on Instagram, guys called me things and its fine, you can stick to your own opinion and its fine but at the end of the day I know me, najijua its fine.” She said.


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