Churchill show’s Butita hits back after accusations of snubbing fan in public

Butita comes clean on the allegations

Eddie Butita, Amina Abdi and Cindy Ogana on the Trend. Churchill show’s Eddie Butita forced to respond after accusations of snubbing a fan in public

Churchill show comedian Eddie Butita has been forced to respond after accusations of snubbing a fan who tried to greet him in public.

A fan identified as Giddy Akali took to Facebook, to express displeasure in the manner which Butita treated him when he extended his hand to greet him, but ended up being ignored.

He ignored me

“So I met Eddy Butita in an undisclosed location that I had gone for lunch. He had also come for lunch. I was surprised that I could meet such a guy face to face. I loved his jokes. I got excited and stretched my hand to greet him. Jamaa akanionyesha madharau mbaya sana. He looked at my hand like an infected object and turned his head away. I don’t even know if I looked scary or poor to him. Then, I assumed that he had not seen my hand. I stretched it again and shouted, ‘HEY EDDY, NIAJE BWANA. KUMBE WEWE PIA HUTEMBEA HUKU?’ He went ahead to ignored me in public. Watu wakanicheka. With the embarrassment, I simply left my food, paid my bills, and drove off. Kuna watu ukiwaona kwa TV utadhani ukiwafikia utawasalimia. These celebrities can embarrass you in public if you dare greet them. Huyu jamaa hata sijui kama anaoga mafuta ama maji ya dasani. That embarrassment he put me in was unmatched” reads Giddy Akali’s accusations.

I did not snob anyone

In a quick rejoinder, the Funnyman distanced himself from the claims, stating that he has no reason to snub people who have supported his career all along. He added that those were just false allegations aimed at tainting his name.

“I love and appreciate my fans for the support they show me everyday in everything that I do. God Bless you for that. I have met thousands and thousands of people since I started my career. If they will get a chance to speak one day they will and the truth will be out. I did not snob anyone. Why would I do that, what do I gain by doing that. If we have never met it’s my hope that one day we will cross paths feel free to extend a greeting, I can’t ignore you, trust me. Insecure people put others down to raise themselves up. Habeeb Akande. Regards Eddie Butita” reads Eddie Butita’s response.

Have you ever been ignored by your favorite celebrity in Public?

For the past few months, Butita has been doing his own show dubbed “Eddie Butita Campus Tour”, moving from one University to the other meeting his fans.


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