Citizen TV forced to respond over impostor conning people using their ‘Maria Show’

Don't be conned

Citizen TV exposes scammer conning people using “Maria show”

Citizen TV has cautioned Kenyans not to be duped by an impostor pretending to be the Secretary General for their TV show “Maria”, coning people in the name of scouting new talents.

In a statement put up on their social media pages, the SK Macharia owned media house warned that they are not doing any auditions for the Maria Show or asking for money from Kenyans.

“Fraud alert!! Beware, the Maria show is not conducting any auditions and will never ask for money. Kindly ignore this message” reads the warning message from Citizen TV.

Jiffy Pictures

Lulu Hassan, who also owns the Productions Company (Jiffy Pictures) in charge of filming Maria, cautioned Kenyans to stay vigilant to avoid being conned.

“Do not be duped #Spreadthewordshared Lulu Hassan.

The statements, comes at a time a poster purporting to be from the producers of the Maria show, surfaced online, asking people to send Sh1000 as registration fee in order to participate in their upcoming auditions.

The Fake message

“Hello Good Morning ny name is Madam Grace the Secretary General Films production and Maria TV series if you would love to participate on our Next auditions to be a part of our characters for the upcoming TV series sends us;

Your I’D Names

Your Location

Your Age

2 Photos

Registration Fee of Ksh 1000

Thanks in advance our happiness is to see your dream come true” reads the Fake poster.

Netizens were angered by the act of imposters taking advantage of innocent and unsuspecting Kenyans.

Kenyans react

dynnahshunzaHahaaa...but why do you send money when you're looking for money😂😂”

lilobashir “Hhhhh why does she ask for money while knows that u r looking for it”

kendimbaabu “Some pple will not even smell heaven wacha kuingia 🙆”

waiganjod “Tell them!! No one should be persuaded by conmen to fall on their trap..”

glorybarwek “Stay away from anyone who 1. uses Hallo good morning in one breath without even expending a comma. 2. Calls herself MADAM. is she a hoe monger??”

omesh_adale “Oooh God it was fake 😢 already sent the money actually such kills my dreams”

njukiruthy “Since when did being conned become my dream!😆 mschew”

mathengewanjiku19 ‘Waahh waahh....yaani mtu ako na uwezo na nguvu ya kudanganya hivi vyote🙆🙆”


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