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'Fashion Watch' panelist thrown in 'jail' (Photos)

They were branded ‘haters’ by Kenyans...

They were branded ‘haters’ by Kenyans who felt that they were mean with their comments and yet their fashion was not up to par while others praised them for encouraging celebrities to up their fashion game.

And in the last leg of 2016, Fashion Watch decided to take a break and promised us a comeback in 2017.While we wait for the comeback, Robert Burale is back on our screens this time in a very unlikely role, as a jailbird.

In an upcoming episode of Jela 5 Star on Maisha Magic, Robert Burale takes on a role as a prisoner in one of Kenya’s most popular prisons, Jela 5-Star. Excited by the new Gig, Burale wrote “Coming soon on Maisha Magic East. Acting my passion…Great Cast and crew. “


Jela 5-Star is a dramatic comical production scripted around a short hold prison bringing to life situations that can be tragic as they can be hilarious.

Featuring in the show is Madam Melba, a woman who runs a male correctional facility, but is not one to back away from a challenge. Her glorious past as a member of the Prison Service Boxing Team makes her a fierce disciplinarian, but beneath her tough exterior is a soft and humane personality.

The show, produced by Appie Matere, and whose set is designed by George Mungai attracted a large number of audiences during its production due to the authenticity of the story told by the prisoners on set. Bollywood producer, Shyamashis Bhattacharia who visited the set before the launch of the show said, “It is impressive to see the level of production in the Riverwood industry. The set of Jela 5 Star tells the real story of a Kenyan prison setup that any viewer can understand. Even as a foreigner, I am able to tell what happens in a local prison. Shows such as these will surely propel the local production industry to compete with shows from Bollywood as they give viewers the real picture of a day-to-day life that they can easily understand and interact with.”

The show airs every Monday to Wednesday from 8.30pm on Maisha Magic East so keep your eyes locked for Robert Burale’s acting debut on MME.


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