Kirigo Ng'arua lands new show after leaving Citizen TV

She was fired last year...

Kirigo Ng'arua

News of the mass firing was sent out in a doomsday memo by the Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru.

The memo read: “The past two years have witnessed various developments within the broadcasting industry that have adversely affected our business environment.

As a result, the company is left with no choice but to reorganize its operations. This includes rationalization of the various departments.

Unfortunately and regrettably, the action will result in the reduction of our work force through job redundancies. The management realizes that this exercise will be very difficult for the affected members of staff and their families.”

As soon as Kirigo was out of RMS, critics pounced on her most notably her fellow journalist who griped that “She breathed too much while anchoring news.”

He went on to claim that she was annoying and dressed poorly- like Karatina shoshos.

But Kirigo is having the last laugh after landing a plum job to host a new TV show called ‘The Girlfriend’s Table’ where guests share their success stories and challenges and aims at changing stereotypes that pull women down.

Kirigo broke the great news with :

Good morning happy children!!! ???????????????? allow me to share some thoughts in a long post...... Like I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I have some exciting projects lined up and this is one...My baby... The Girlfriends Table. A table where women from different walks of life will regularly sit down and share their stories remembering to keep it real and raw.. Many kept asking me 'why' and my answer is...women know how to keep both the good and bad to themselves and it's time we changed that. It's time we embraced womanhood with all that it comes with. It's time to share stories on successes and challenges of being a woman...time to change the stereotypes about the's time to truly enjoy being in this zone hoping that it will be a source of hope and inspiration to the women who will listen as we pick each other up.

Some of her A-List guest includes make-up entrepreneur Susan Wokabi, former colleagues Jackie Maribe and Janet Mbugua and the founder and Managing Director of Scents by Geraldine, Geraldine Waruguru.


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