Citizen TV’s Purity Mwambia faces backlash over ‘Virusi Safarini’ exposé

She exposed how drivers have been flouting the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi order

Citizen TV’s Purity Mwambia faces backlash over ‘Virusi Safarini’ exposé

Citizen TV Purity Mwambia has come under heavy criticism over her Virusi Safarini exposé on how drivers have been ferrying people in and out of Nairobi, disobeying the Presidential order on cessation of movement in an out of Nairobi.

In the exposé, Ms. Mwambia revealed how drivers and passengers have been avoiding police barriers and making their way to as far as Eldoret town, which is more than 320 kilometres away from Nairobi.

After airing the secretly filmed report, netizens took Ms. Mwambia to task for exposing the identity of the driver and his vehicles registration number, as well as that of the other passenger they shared the vehicles with, as they left Nairobi.

Others argued that with the exposé, the Citizen TV reporter had destroyed the life of a poor driver trying make ends meet.

However, a section of the public defended her (Ms. Mwambia) saying that she was only doing her job, and it was right to reveal the face of the driver.

Here are their reactions;

@TheTweetOfMonty This lady of Citizen TV by the name of Purity Mwambia, are you happy now?? Asking for thousands of poor Kenyans who need to travel upcountry to sort out a few pressing issues. #useless_Journerlism #VirusiSafarini

@JohnWamuigwa Purity Mwambia has tarnished her reputation & that of Citizen Tv in the line of duty #VirusiSafarini

@Mzaleeh Purity Mwambia and Citizen exposing that car plate was purely unnecessary and wrong. That's bullshit.

@IamOminde Wait a minute, so we are attacking Purity Mwambia for doing her job? The work of a journalist is not to massage your egos. Get a freaking hold of yourself? If you feel there is a story she has not done, go do it yourself. Idiot.

@Philosopher254 @PurityMwambia has protected her account. I wanted to ask her to go to KICC and investigate how others are breaking the @MOH_Kenya rules. Later in the day, he can go to JKIA and Afya House to investigate how Jack Ma's donations disappeared.

@elijahnokemwa Citizen tv messed big time. You expose the vulnerable and leave the big boys rolling. Purity mwambia, hapa,ulikosea. #kot must call you out on this one. Be humane and considerate for ones......

@HezMureithi GUYS Purity Mwambia has a Sub-Editor,Editor,a Producer and of course kuna Guru Joe who all went through that Story before letting it run on Citizen Tv.What she did by exposing that Taxi Guy was Ethically right but Morally wrong.Again the Taxi guy wasn't her Source but her Subject


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