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Lillian Muli under fire after insensitive interview

Netizens have criticized Lillian Muli for asking inappropriate questions during her show.

Netizens criticized Lillian Muli for asking inappropriate questions during her show.

Irene Karimi was on Citizen Weekend where she shared the harrowing story of how 10 thieves broke into her house, stole, beat her and sexually assaulted her.

During the interview, Lillian vexed viewers by asking Karimi “I know a lot of questions have been asked about how exactly did this happen? Why did they choose to do this to you? Could you have said something, could you have done something or were you dressed a certain way? These are uncomfortable questions I’m sure but initially, their intention was to steal, do you recall what happened before they did what they did?”


To which Karimi replied with “I’m a minister in my local church and I do not dress indecently so there is no way I could have offended anybody in that manner. They stayed in my house for an hour; they slapped and kicked me asking very horrible questions.”

Lillian Muli’s question coupled with her asking whether the thieves used protection really pissed of Kenyans who proceeded to Twitter to air their outrage over the interview.

Here are just some reactions:

Soul Rebel: That was Lillian Muli, a career journalist with the resources & ability to research & prepare, conducting her interview in a relaxed studio. How worse then do you imagine the experience is for sexual assault victims at the hands of cops? “Why didn't she report?"

Mama Rechael: Lillian Muli asked a survivor of rape if she was dressed in a certain way. This lady was in her own house, asleep, when ten robbers came in & raped her. In her house. Asleep. Even if she slept naked, surely.


Dr. Njoki Ngumi: Lillian Muli actually asked a survivor of a violent rape by home invaders if she offended them, or was dressed in such a manner as to provoke them into assaulting her. She ACTUALLY did that. LILLIAN MULI DID THIS ON PRIME TIME NEWS.

Betty Waitherero: It is not enough to have outrage at Lillian Muli do you know that her show is trending now even for all the wrong reasons? If you MEAN IT do something about it. Jeff Koinange was kicked off KTN for a rape comment made by Miguna, make formal complaint & insist on action.

Qbét: I just watched Lillian Muli interviewing a rape victim and she had the audacity to ask her whether she was dressed inappropriately when the incident occurred and if the perpetrators were wearing protection. Kenyan journalism is dead.


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