But it wasn’t a violent match so don’t panic.

The two were at the gym training when Carol beat up her colleague then taped the whole incidence. She then went on to taunt her co-worker by telling him ‘Larry Asego, you thought gym was easy. BTW I knocked him out!!! #NoPainNoGain."

It seems boxing may be going a little hard for the rugby champion cum radio presenter cum French connoisseur as though he may excel in those other fields he wasn’t doing very well in the boxing ring.

“My trainers weren't mucking around today. Where the hell do they find these quick footed guys who can't stand still and take a punch Nkt. 8 rounds of my ass being handed to me isn't how I planned my day starting, but isorait one day someday, learn something every day. @mashetikinglion @fit_joe Sirudi huko hadi August Nkt.” He griped.