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Maina Kageni expresses admiration for Vera Sidika

Amefungua roho…

Maina Kageni

But she has been publicly endorsed by the King of Morning Radio Maina Kageni. Impressed by her flashy lifestyle and jet-setting life, Maina could not help but  express his admiration for Vera and her enviable lifestyle.

“She has a million shillings watch, this weekend she is in Hollywood and on her IG posts she has actually posted  a video of herself walking on the Hollywood walk of fame, and if you go to the comments 90% of them are like ‘Ngai! Ngai!’. Me that woman, I don’t know aliumbwa lini, Monday ama Sunday asubuhi coz she has got it. We have been questioning her credibility as a role model but oh my goodness when you look at that woman, you know you just shangaa, you get shocked you just say ‘Ngai what the hell is this?’ If you got it girl flaunt it!” Maina gushed.

His statement came a few days after Vera Sidika exposed her ex-boyfriend as a violent and fraudulent man and expressed that she feared for her life after her Nigerian ex-boyfriend released her topless photos. So it was seen as his way of reaching out to the suffering socialite.


This is not the first time a celebrity of Mania’s calibre has publicly shown support for Vera Sidika. There is a time Caroline Mutoko drummed up support for the socialite for BBA and even hosted her twice on the radio during her days at Kiss F.M.


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