Maina Kageni will have to undergo a sex change - Passaris

Esther Passaris reckons that the Classic 105 presenter will have to undergo a sex change.

Maina Kageni recently left many surprised when he declared his interest in representing Nairobi women if he made it past the ballot box in the approaching August Elections. It seemed like a joke since his symbol was human hair weave but he proved that he was serious with his actions in the days after the announcement.

“ I had really really really thought about it hence my decision. Thank you, friends, thank you, family. 2017 is my year and it is the beginning of new things. #Elections2017KE #TukutaneKwaDebe. It's now no longer a secret. I'll be on the ballot and my symbol is a smart weave (made of 100% human hair). Nairobi women deserve to have the very best! Come out and vote in large numbers.” The announcement read.

In a recent poll by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) he was a popular contender coming in 3 in polls for the preferred Women Rep Candidate while Esther Passaris came in 1

Speaking on Maina’s decision to vie for the women rep position in a recent interview with Ebru TV Passaris said “For the County women rep position, the constitution doesn’t say the gender but when you look at the underlining factor, any judicial court will say that every law has an underlining factor, why did we bring this law? The law was about getting more women into mbunge. So unless Maina Kageni intends to have a sex change in the future before he is elected, he cannot run for County women rep”


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