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It is 2mbili's turn, comedian joins race to replace Jalang'o

Comedian 2mbili has become the fourth comedian that has made trials to replace Jalang’o in Kiss 100’s breakfast show.

2mbili and Kamene Goro

The comedian graced the show on Friday 11 just days after Jalang’o did his last show before exiting.

The optimistic comedian has already edited his Instagram bio and said he is a radio presenter at the Radio Africa-owned station.

2mbili who has been involved in standup comedy and content creation will be looking to outshine Owago Onyiro who also had his trials this week, Oga Obinna and Dr. Ofweneke.

With four contenders for the job already unveiled and probably more to come, fans have been left guessing on who will be the final man to take the baton from Jalang’o.


So far 2mbili is the only comedian to grace the trial without a previous record on radio.

Oga Obinna has had a stint for sometime with Nation FM until recently when he left.

Ofweneke on the other hand is not new to radio, he has worked in different radio stations including Milele FM, where he spent almost five years.

Owago Onyiro had a stint at the national broadcaster KBC. He recently revealed why he left the well-paying job.

“Radio nilifanya lakini unajua kuna wale watu wana roho mbaya mpaka nikaona mbona nikorofishane na watu. Unajua wanaona sisi tumefanya hapa kazi miaka kumi, huyu mtoto anakuja juzi na analipwa hela mingi. Kuna vitu mimi kama mtu kutoka huko Kisumu siwezi kubali nikawaachia tu. Hapa nje sisi ni walewale”


"(I did radio but there were people with ill-motives and I didn't want to get into quarrels. There were those who felt that it was not fair for me to earn as much as I was earning yet they had worked for over 10 years there. And there are some things us people from Kisumu cannot tolerate so I just left. Out here we're still big),” said Owago Onyiro.


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