Comedian Brendah Jons speaks on why she parted ways with J Blessing’s management

Mama Kingston opens up

Comedian Brendah Jons speaks on why she parted ways with J Blessing’s management

Comedian Brendah Jons known for the character Mama Kingston has for the first time disclosed why she parted ways with Video Director J Blessing owned management company.

Speaking when she appeared on Carolina Hot Edition, Ms Jons said she opted out of the management because of money and personal issues.

She mentioned that the Digital Agency could not account for where her money was going or rather what it was being used for and she chose to opt out of it.

I’m working solo now. I had worked with that management for some time and then due to money issues, personal issues I had to walk out…there was no accountability of where the money was going and I was living like a broke artiste so I felt I couldn’t do it. It was a digital agency run by J Blessing,” said Brendah Jons.

The comedian who is popularly known as Mama Kingston added that the management owes her around Sh400K and they even had lawyers involved in case, but it only made the case to further escalate before she decided to let it all go.

It was a back and forth, lawyers involved, all that ikafika tu place it was too dramatic I just had to walk out and let it go. Pesa mingi, Sh400, 000,” added Ms Jons.

Brendah Jons noted that it was not an easy thing and it almost led her into depression, but now believes it was part of life lessons people go through.

But I think every place is a learning step, so as much as it was very painful, and got me into almost going into depression,” she said.



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