Eric Omondi under fire after his naked clip emerges online [Video]

Things fall apart

Under the hashtag #EricOmondi Kenyans on Twitter have expressed their disappointments, in the once Churchill show comedian who is a house hold name.

The video has lifted Eric Omondi on the trending list has he is Trending Number one on Twitter.

Reactions for KOT

"To wipe what I have seen do , I will have to watch Jesus of Nazareth several times He is exhibiting signs of pedophilia"

has gone mad i never used to like him anyway"

how do you expose yourselves to such small boys. "

" s

"People who are hating on don't know the sweetness of Duff Mpararoo.... Eric be you.... Hawa ni watu walizaliwa wakicheza PS"

"Totally disgusting video from . You need Jesus, his 12 disciples, Pontius Pilate, Apostle Paul and all the Old Testament prophets."

"Wacha tuone zile brands hukuwa zimesign vile zitareact ama marketing team itasema "there's nothing like bad publicity"

"In my culture, circumcised manhood should never ever be seen by uncircumcised boys, Luo culture seems different! Thank God is a Luo, maybe he hasn't undergone the CUT!!"

"Sometimes i wonder what this Italian fine girl saw in 's skinny body & empty skull."



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