Comedian Owago Onyiro lands two ambassadorial deals (Photos)


Comedian Owago Onyiro

Comedian Owago Onyiro has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of two brands; PepTang (food processing company) and Farmer's Choice Limited, the producers of Smokies.

An excited Owago shared the good news of his two endorsements via his social media pages, saying he is greatful to have the two brands partner with “Owago’s Kitchen”.

Brand Ambassador

“It's Official guys....... PEPergy @peptang_ke Brand Ambassador. Thank you @peptang_ke for believing in my brand.

When you Win they aren't happy. When you die they pretend how they were close to you.

God will forever fight for me. Thank you @peptang_ke for partnering with Owago's Kitchen and making me PEPergy Brand Ambassador. #TheProdigalSon shared Owago.

Farmer's Choice Limited

Talking about his Farmer's Choice Limited deal, the funnyman said;

"This week is about WIN WIN WIN .Your Guarantee Of Quality from @farmerschoiceke

Smokies zikuliwe sasa........... let me know anything about Smokies za @farmerschoiceke

It's Official. Smokies Brand Ambassador. Thank you @farmerschoiceke for believing in my brand and more so Owago's Kitchen. #TheProdigalSon. Kijana wa Smokies akisign contract. Thank you @farmerschoiceke for partnering with Owago's Kitchen” wrote Owago.

In a separate post, Owago also thanked Kenyans for the support they have accorded him since the beginning of Owago’s Kitchen.

“Thank you Kenyans for the support you've shown me so far. See what God did today.......... I am speechless. To the haters thank you too for making me want more no matter the negativity. Thank you @farmerschoiceke for believing in my brand. #TheProdigalSonadded Owago.

When the Coronavirus pandemic began, Owago ventured into cooking through his own brand called “Owago’s Kitchen" that has been helping him put food on the table and make ends meet.


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