Comedian Zainabu Zeddy breaks down as she narrates how her husband left while she was 2 months pregnant

He moved in with another woman-Zeddy

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy with a friend

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy has for the first time opened up on how her husband left her for another woman when she was only two months pregnant.

In a candid interview on Unscripted with Grace Msalame, the mother of three said that she first separated with her husband for one year after a controversial advertisement she did that saw her get trolled online for more than three months.

The husband returned after one year and they lived together for a while and she got pregnant, 2 months into the pregnancy, an emotional Zeddy said that the husband just left without saying what the problem was, and moved in with another woman.

The former Churchill show comedian said that this is where everything started going south for her, comedy refused to work and she lost everything.

According to Zeddy, her husband took most of the things from their home including a gas cooker and all she was left with was a Microwave which she used to warm water to make black tea for her children.

The mother of three narrated how her businesses fell after with her 14-seater Matatu got an accident and it was written off, and her hotel closed down because things were not working out.

Tukarudiana na husband wangu tukakaa vizuri nikapata ujauzito after two months my husband akaenda hatukuwa tumekosana hakuna kitu yoyote alitoka tu na akaenda kwa mwanamke mwingine. Yaani sahio mimi naenda rehearsal, Berry ananifanyia iyo kitu nimesema na niko paged unajua sasa naichukulia uzito.

Bwanangu akienda alibeba vitu kwa nyumba mpaka nikashtuka. Alibeba mpaka mtungi ya gas sasa nikareach out kwa mabeshte zangu atleast wanipee kameko mtu anakuambia ni yake ya kuchemsha cereals hawezi kupea so nimebaki na microwave pekeake ilikuwa inabidi napika strong tea ama cocoa kwa Microwave na watoto tunakula. Ilikuwa ngumu mpaka nikaona sasa mimi ntakufa wacha nitafute marafiki zangu wa karibu wanaisaidie,” she narrated.

Zainabu Zeddy mentioned that she had to seek help from friends because she could not even afford her own rent and had to move back to her sick mother’s house.



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