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Bishop James Maina Ng’ang’a parades women to inspect their handbags and dressing [Video]

“Is it your figure, ama umevaa suruali ile iko na kitambaa (mattress)...“Why have you modified like that”-James Maina Nganga

File image of Pastor James Ng'ang'a and his wife Apostle Loise Maina Ng'ang'a

Controversial Bishop James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center caused a stir after personally inspecting women’s dressing and handbags in his church before parading several women in front of the congregation for a thorough dress-down.

A video seen by shows the controversial preacher summoning several women to the pulpit after inspecting women in his church before giving them a dress-down, shaming some in the process.

What follows is a thorough dress-down of the women in front of the congregation, some of whom had “modified their figures” according to the controversial preacher.

One of the ladies found herself on the receiving end for her figure which the bishop suspecting that she was wearing padded panties and butt-pads to enhance her figure.


“Is it your figure, ama umevaa suruali ile iko na kitambaa (mattress). Is it your figure?"

He proceeds to lecture the lady on dressing amidst cheers from the congregation.

“Why have you modified like that? What is in your mind…Why are you doing make up? And what is the meaning of dressing? Is it not to cover nakedness…or do you dress for a different purpose?” Ng’ang’a is heard pressing on.

The ‘man of God’ is also seen criticizing one of the women for wearing flip flops (slippers) carrying a paper bag to church. He goes ahead and dismisses the 48 year-old woman as a confused fellow who may be forgiven for wearing slippers to church.


In a dialogue with the lady, the bishop is heard shaming her for her simple dressing, casting aspersions on her ability to afford what she was wearing.

"How can you be smart and then you carry this one?" Are you confused?

“Kwa nini umevaa rubber, viatu iko wapi?..Hizi nguo ni wewe umenuna ama umenunuliwa? Na nywele ukatengeneza ama ni ile ya kuwelekea?(Why are you putting on rubbers and are you the one who bought these clothes? How about your hair?)” Stated Ng'ang'a.

“At your age we can excuse you for being confused. Please go and take a seat” Ng’ang’a slams.

Below is the video of Ng'ang'a inspecting handbags in his church and lecturing ladies on how to dress.


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