Man publicly shames and ditches wife on Facebook after discovering that she was ‘eaten’ by boda boda operators (Screenshots)

Nowadays Facebook and other parts of Social media have become an emotional outlet for the broken-hearted.

David and his wife during happier times

A certain man has become a Facebook sensation after ditching his wife after allegedly discovering that she was having sex with a few boda boda operators

To announce his wife’s infidelity and consequent divorce from her, David Mathea wrote “Today I officially divorced my wife. Susan is no longer my wife. Reason prostitution with motorbike guys, God bless my children and keep hem save (sp) I love them."

After this post went viral, he went on to post this:

A post that forced his friends on Facebook to intervene and to ask him not to air his dirty laundry to the public.

Alex Mitambo: Timothy I believe you too have a better way of telling him not on fb

Maureen Muriithi: Stop posting your personal life on Facebook. You are better than that my dear, deal with it the right way. The internet has a way of remembering.

To which he retorted with"Which is the right way dear?’s my issue I will deal with it however I want.”

However there are those who sympathised with  him such as Job Jackson who wrote “It’s more better not to burn silently and this brother is just trying to repair his image damaged and restore his personality , there times that comes and you can't speak with devils any more but you expose them.”


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