Hesy wa Dandora warns another member of Gaza gang

"Its either you change or go down"

A number of youth in Nairobi have been terrorizing people on the streets day in day out, with others claiming life's of innocent people.

Hesy wa Dandora is not a new name on social media if you are a frequent use of this platform.

Hesy who is believed to be a chop has been warning criminals in the society to change or else to face the tough hand of the law. Those who have refused to change have always been shot down as a way of reducing crime in the society.

On May 31th Hesy wa Dandora, posted on social media to warn a young man believed to have claimed the life of 5 people so far.

According to the post in Dandora Crime Free Facebook Page, Hesy has asked a youth by the name SKILE to change or else he will face it rough.

He goes ahead to reveal how the named guy was arrested last year but bonded and later refused to attend court orders and kept on terrorizing innocent Kenyans after purchasing a real gun.

“Morning members!! I would wish to inform u something about thiz guy by the name SKILE, he was ambushed in his house last week around Saika area and a loaded gun was recovered in his house: this is the same guy that was arrested last year with a fake gun, taken to court nd after a short while, he was bonded by December last year, later on he refused to attend court proceedings: he kept himself bzy by terrorizing innocent Kenyanz after purchasing a real gun in late December last year, since that time, he has managed to kill more than Five(5) pple including a man that was shot dead at Civo area afew months ago” Posted  Hesy wa Dandora.

He went ahead to expose other members who have been operating with SKILE warning them also to change for the better.

“All the robbery incidents that has been taking place within Kariobangi South /North, Dandora, Kayole, nd many more places were being conducted by him nd another guy by the name SHERIFF from Kayole-Kirima area, I tell u thiz is one of the rezons thiz guys are shot dead by police officers coz there's no way someone will be arrested then his/her family members or symphatizers bails him/her, na akitoka anaendelea na shughuli zake kama kawaida: am telling u thiz for free, wale wanamjuwa waeleze family members wake or his friends that TUNAMNGOJA ATOKE TENA !!!!!!”Captioned Hesy on his poste accompanied with a photo a Pistol and SKILE.

Apart form SKILE Hesy has also warned Peter Muraya who is also believed to be a criminal terrorizing people.

"PETER MURAYA ur very young nd energetic nd am sure right now, u have ua lessons since last year: remember ua late boss MALATO who was shot dead by the police last year at Saika after he was caught raping a woman at gun point, remember ua brother in crime by the name BOSCO also stubbed to death by a friend after a disagreement over stolen goods nd now BOYDO, ua close friend, also shot dead like 2 days a go at Baraka Mowlem: u remember how u used to conduct ua operations within Dandora, Kayole, Mathare, Huruma nd even extended ua operations to Nakuru(robbing m-pesa nd pple's motobikes), brother Muraya, i must say God stil loves u, He loves u sooo much nd He has a strong reason y ur stil alive 2day: if i were u, i would change immediately but since u took an oath to serve ua master, am sorry to say u will have to follow the same path !!!!"Posted Hesy

Just the other day Hesy Posted Photos of another female gang star who had been gunned down after refusing to change,

It is high time, youth change and start hustling in the right way.


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