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Exclusive: NTV’s Grace Ekirapa explains her relationship with DJ MO

Grace joined DJ MO on NTV after the Exit of Faith Muturi

In an Exclusive interview with, Ms Ekirapa disclosed that she enjoyed a cordial friendship with DJ Mo even before they started working together at NTV.

“Dj Mo and I are just workmates and great friends and it is very unfair to try and break someone else's family just because of your own rumor, so please lets speak out of knowledge, let’s not just pick things and run with them.  The Chemistry is not only build on air. Mo and I are great friends, so everything you see on Air comes from our friendship."

"Most people even think am a partner of the System Unit because we hang out a lot.  After the show probably he is playing somewhere, so he tags me along and, so if you see a picture of me and DJ Mo having tea somewhere, people there is a team around us that are taking the pictures and probably recording video for our promos, so DJ Mo and i are just friends, Good friends.” Said Grace Ekirapa


During the Interview she also opened about the struggles she went through while trying to build a name for herself.

In February this year, she shared a post on her social media pages and the reception was overwhelming.

This is what she had shared “I get on my knees every time I remember what my story was a few years ago . The days I survived by having a packet of milk and mandazi for supper and then slept waiting for the next day. The days I went through my phone book a hundred times looking for whom to call just to ask for bus fare to school. The times when the month would come to an end and I would sit wondering where rent was going to come from. The years I survived on the same clothes and shoes because I could not afford to buy even a new pair of sandals. Now I break at His goodness. I celebrate when I head to the shop to buy more than one packet of milk. Now I rejoice when I can get into a matatu and pay fare then receive change eeiii!!”

According to her, the purpose of sharing her past experiences was to show people that indeed God works in mysterious ways and He can uplift you to greatness no matter your situation.


In the interview, she also opened about her past relationship, where she was in a love with someone who didn’t love her back.

“We are all relationship oriented, I was in Bible school when I got into my first relationship. And my prayer and I think every woman’s prayer to date the first guy and end up in marriage. But that did not happen to me and I was super hurt. I was in a relationship where I loved someone and they didn’t love me back. This man would only reciprocate the love when he felt he needed me around, like when he wanted to talk to someone.” said Ms Ekirapa

Asked about the people she trust the most "My two sisters, Ashley and Julie; we are family and we bond a lot and they are the people I can share everything with.


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