Daddy Owen lectured by Netizens after accusing Kenyan media of not educating Kenyans on Coronavirus

Attention seeking?

Daddy Owen lectured by Netizens after accusing Kenyan media of not educating Kenyans on Coronavirus

Gospel singer Owen Mwatia aka daddy Owen has been on the receiving end, after claiming that Kenyan media was busy talking cheap politics, instead of educating citizens on Coronavirus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health organization(WHO)

He went on to question the preparedness of the country just in case Covid-19 hits the country, and whether the media was only waiting to report the negative effects that will arise from it's spread.

Kenyan media is busy talking about cheap Politics instead of taking time to educate the citizens about Corona Virus which was declared pandemic! How are we prepared as a Nation? Or they are waiting to write negativity when it hits Kenya? #coronaviruskenya,” tweeted Daddy Owen.

Kenyan Media! @WHO just declared Corona Virus a pandemic! Hapa Ni siasa duni Kila siku instead of addressing and educating wanainchi #coronaviruskenya #CoronaVirusUpdate,” he added.

His tweet caught the attention of Kenyans on Twitter, with some going ahead to scold the singer for his remarks, while others seemed to be in support of his statement.

Here are their reactions;

@Akisawandera @mqhlay you have a patient here!

@mqhlay He can't read. He can only tweet. Worst form of illiteracy.

@MikeOkinyi Hapa ametuangusha! Media has been on this story for the last three weeks. With updates and dos and donts. Hii ni ignorance pas @daddyowenmusic

@OliverMathenge Brother, please allow me to assist you with various informative pieces on coronavirus by Kenyan media.

@felix_asoha People are always easy to attack us even when we have done our best to inform and educate Kenyans on what concerns them.

@Martowachira Thank you @OliverMathenge , not sure whether it’s fashion attacking the media or clout chasing?

@PKimatia uko kwa politics dio wanapata Ile brown envelope, to advance political agendas for politicians, no patriotism in our nation

@SammiNderitu Bro, we have a lot more to talk about. How about Kenyan Gospel artists coming together to push for a peaceful country, unity and the need for the youth to be actively involved in active policy making and not just being tossed around by politicians?

@musembs_ Wewe ni attention tu unatafuta... They've done a commendable job. Covid19 awareness is covered in the news daily. A week ago @citizentvkenya's Sunday live had a special edition on covid 19.Even their sports news was on covid19.

@P_Mwago They have done pretty good job..Anyone who watches news and reads newspapers is Okey..

@Erickochief The media should not copy paste google articles Corona Virus, we need more information on how the country's preparedness, comparisons between what we have and what other countries, for example Australia or Iran that have already been hit have....


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