Daddy Owen opens up about losing his eye

He opened up about the horrific incident that left his eye damaged.

Daddy Owen

Aside from making a fashion statement, his sunglasses serve another purpose of shielding his eyes after he lost his left eye to a mob.

The ‘Vanity’ singer disclosed that a mob descended upon him when he used to be a pickpocket in Nairobi and stabbed him in his eye, damaging it.

“I joined a gang aka mbogi and we used to steal. I don’t like this story but I hope it will inspire people. I was in a gang for two to three years and we lost many of my fellow gang members, some were killed by mobs, others were shot by police and others ended up in jail. I didn’t think that mob justice was a big deal then until it happened to me,” he revealed on Radio Jambo.

He then went on to explain that he found himself at the mercy of a mob after his fellow gang members abandoned him after discovering that there was a cop in the bus they had planned to rob.

Since there were no mobile phones back then that would enable him to communicate with his accomplices, Daddy Owen didn’t know that the other guys had ditched the plan so he went ahead with it. Unfortunately, he was caught and thoroughly beaten by an irate mob.

“I found myself alone, a mob caught me and beat me up. Walinitoboa macho. During that point, I learnt that my actions were wrong when I ended up in the hospital alone. Those people I fought so hard to accept me abandoned me and when they didn’t show up (in hospital), I knew I had to change my life,” he confessed.


In 2003, he turned over a new leaf with the help of fellow musician Harry G who would read the Bible for him and pray for him despite his resistance.

Getting saved was not the only change in Daddy Owen’s life as he started doing music and got involved with various eye campaigns. One of his most famous ones was the ‘Macho Macho’ concerts with the Fred Hollows Foundation’s eye health campaign that aimed at urging Kenyans to get their eyes tested.


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