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Why the 'Muziki' rapper was a no-show in Nairobi last weekend

‘Muziki’ rapper Darassa was expected in the country over the weekend on March 18 to perform at a concert organised by Dreamchasers. But it turned out to be just a dream for Darassa fans as the musician was a no show.


Speaking on Mambo Mseto, Darassa informed his Kenyan fans why he didn’t show up for the highly-anticipated show.

“I couldn’t come to the show because at that point I was on tour.” He said. And the reason he was on tour at that point was the organisers were ill-prepared for the show and he was forced to find a Plan B show.

Darassa said that Dreamchasers had approached him for a show and they agreed that that he would perform in Kenya but that was after they paid him the initial amount then they would hype Darassa’s performance to which they agreed.

But they went on to advertise that Darassa was coming without even giving his managerial team or the musician any notice. So it came as a huge surprise when the organisers called him last Friday to perform on Saturday and yet they had wasted his time and cleared all his shows for the last two weeks waiting for them to communicate.


“They were to pay, then we sign and then they advertise the show. But they made the announcements and arrangements without informing us, and the day they wanted us to do the show there was another show at the same venue at the same time, I didn’t want to expose them so I kept quiet.” He told Mambo Mseto in a Swahili interview.

“It was very embarrassing situation…it’s those kind of situations you speak about when the situation demands that it be spoken of.” Darassa said when explaining why he wasn’t quick to shame the organisers on social media.

But despite the situation, Darassa still has mad respect for Nairobians for supporting his career.

“Watu wa Nairobi nawaheshimu sana, naheshimu wanavyopokea kazi yangu." Before adding that if he had his way, he would have love to perform in Kenya.


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