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The two hilarious #Hashtags that left Kenyans on Twitter in stitches [Photos]

Comical twitter moments that are a must recap

Twitter not wasted time setting 2018 goals.

Tweeps have found an awesome way of setting goals for their relationship from now henceforth. Here are the laid down goals yet to be achieved;



Big breasted girls with no ass should date gym guys who skip leg day Improper fractions one side

Those ladies with dreadlocks must date those niggas with dreadlocks....Mops One Side

Those who wear Palladium boots should date those who wear Timberland boots, construction workers one side...

Dark people who dye their hair blonde must date each other Duracell batteries one side

Guys with big eyes should date girls with big eyes. Eyewitnesses one side


Girls born april should date boys born april Fools one side

Guys who wear torn cloths must date girls who wear torn cloths Street kids one side

Girls with big foreheads should date men with no hair line open fields one side

Time wasters should date time wasters, Ugandans on one side

Girls who eat soil must date grave diggers. Dust to dust


Guys who last long in bed should date girls who last long in bed. Museveni one side.

Another funny trend on twitter that left everyone belly laughing is the famous hashtag tweet like a bible character. We recapped some of them, hope it brings cheer as we try to cope with this January.



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