From private jets to police escorts, this is how Africa’s richest musician travels (Photos)

Remember when Davido sang “I remember when dem girls no dey come around…I remember when I had no money in my bank account.” In his song with Meek Mill?

Davido and his Ferrari

This is because his grandfather, Chief Adebayo Adeleke a Nigerian business magnate conceptualised the famous Banana Island for the obscenely wealthy. For those who have never heard of Banana Island, it’s the billionaires' playground formed on a piece of reclaimed land in Ikoyi-Lagos.

The posh neighbourhood sits on a 1.6 Million square meters piece of land and a piece of the island goes for between 415 Million Kshs and 620 Million Kshs while the cheapest house is not less than 827 Million Kshs.

The neighbourhood has even been compared to the 7Arrondissement in Paris and La Jolla one of the richest neighbourhoods in LA County.

Aside from his grandfather’s money, Davido’s father Chief Adedeji Adeleke is also rich and he recently bagged a contract worth 4 Billion Dollars. Prompting Davido to brag about it on Snapchat as he jokingly announced that he would quit music now that they are richer.

"We are rich...Ni**a, I am not doing music again! Davido quits music! We no need am. I no dey do show again. We are rich. After all, I get all the awards, so I no want again. We are too rich. We no dey sing again o" Davido boasted.

What’s more, Davido himself is also super rich and in his song ‘If’ he brags about having 30 Billion Naira in his account which is approximately 10 Billion Kshs. In addition, he owns ‘Davido Music Worldwide’ his own record label after his deal with Sony went left.

So what kind of cars does a young man with 10 Billion Kshs in his account and a promise of more from his grandpa and father and his music? What kind of a car does the richest (arguably) celebrity travel in?

Well, a Ferrari for one:

A 2017 Ranger Rover Sport to celebrate ‘Zero Recession’

A Yellow Chevrolet Camaro

An Audi Audi R8 Coupe

Daddy's private jet for when his concert schedule is too tight to navigate by road

Also when going for concerts, this Escalade with police escort probably because of the rampant problem of kidnapping in Nigeria.


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