Dennis Okari explains why he left BBC after a very short period

It was a good experience!

Dennis Okari explains why he left BBC after a very short period

NTV News anchor Dennis Okari has for the first time explained why he left the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to return to NTV, barely a year after leaving the Aga Khan owned TV station.

In an interview with NTV’s Cross Fire, the father of one said that two things made him leave the international media house for NTV.

Okari went on to state that the BBC did not give him the chance to tell kind of African stores he wanted to tell, because there were so many people working with the British broadcaster, which narrowed his chances of telling the stories he wanted to tell.

He stated that he was also home sick and missed his family so much, adding that he did not enjoy the frequent work travels that came with working for BBC.

The NTV investigative Editor further said that the opportunity was good and he learnt a lot while at the BBC, but coming back to work with NTV was so refreshing and he got the chance to do NTV investigates, something he didn’t while at BBC.

Any journalist in your career your trajectory is basically to move from local to international so why come back, it’s like a demotion. For me it was based on a number of things by conviction. One, I felt I wasn’t telling the stories I really wanted to tell. The BBC was not giving me that platform because it’s like a beast, there are so many people and there is no space for you to tell the African story the way you want to tell it to be honest. Two was family, the travelling was a bit too much for me. I was not enjoying it and I just wanted to stay with my family and just be around. Kenya is a beautiful country a beautiful place to work in. so, I was home sick. I felt the platform was giving me that opportunity to show case what I can do, my talents and storytelling capabilities and the ideas so it was refreshing coming back to do NTV investigates. I didn’t get the opportunity to do that at the BBC. It was fun, it was good experience, and they taught me a lot. It’s a good place but that was it,” narrated Dennis Okari.

Mr Okari joined the BBC from NTV in April 2014 before he returned to NTV a few months later.


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