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NTV’s Dennis Okari reveals little known secrets about his career and private life


The journalist is known for his daring investigative pieces that unmask uncouth behaviors and wrong deeds in the society. He is one of the best investigative reporters Kenya has.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Okari opens up about the major challenges he has faced in his media career and his major future plans.


Okari mentions that he has done dangerous things one of them being interviewing terrorists.

The passionate journalist attributes his boldness to his enthusiasm for journalism adding that it is a calling as opposed to work. Okari says God’s grace has kept him.

“I’ve gone to Somali and the sad story of most of the things that I have done is we’ve had ides set up to blow us up. God’s grace keeps me moving. For me this is more than work, it’s a calling. If I don’t do these stories, who will?”

Dennis Okari states that he looks at the transformative way these tales have on impacting people and he says it’s always more than just rating, more than trending on tweeter or shining as a celebrity.

The controversial intellectual’s desire and joy is to see young people transforming to become the best versions of themselves even if it means preaching through his own experiences. He admits that majority of the people know him from his daring exposes’ which he says is just a small section of who he is.


I want to be influential, I don’t want to be famous. Even when i die, my influence will still be there, having made that difference someone’s life. As i go to sleep, i always know there is someone whose life has changed as a result of positive journalism. My stories are very cold, very dark but behind those doors, there always good that comes out of it,” Okari said.

The influential individual is set to launch his website. It is going to “be more of the other side of Dennis that you don’t know. It has nothing to do with news stories, nothing to do with investigative journalism.” Okari discloses that he will soon give a platform to many young people who are gifted and talented to talk to the millennial generation.


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