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Is this the ‘devils shrine’ young Kenyan men are accused of visiting?

There have been shocking stories claiming that young men have been worshiping the devil to get easy cash at a secret shrine situated someone in Westlands.


The stories have been making rounds on different radio stations claiming that only men are allowed to visit the shrine. Another thing is that the men are required to undressed before getting into the shrine.

More reports claim that they sleep in coffins to fasten the process of getting rich. The photo circulating on social media shows a big room which is covered with red and white sheets.

The young men in the photo are also seen to be in the process of stripping off as they stand in front of the coffins they are expected to sleep in.

The photo has however raised a few doubts as most social media users think it is a cooked up story. The venue has not been revealed but chances this might not be a photo taken in Nairobi, but who knows?


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