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Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto throw lavish birthday party for son (Video+Photos)

Little Simba is now 2.

Dylan turns 2 (Instagram)

On 8th August 2019, Little Simba Dylan Naseeb turned two. To celebrate his birthday, his parents Diamond and Hamisa threw him a beautiful Lion King themed birthday.

Unlike with Zari, Diamond and Hamisa have had a good co-parenting relationship despite their very rocky start and public squabbles in the past.

During a press conference, Diamond praised his Tanzanian baby mama for how she has handled herself in their relationship as co-parents.


“I always make sure that I provide for my children to the best of my ability. That is why you don’t hear of any issues I have with my Tanzanian baby mama Hamisa Mobetto. Though we have had issues in the past, Hamisa is very understanding. I always make sure I send whatever is needed at the end of every month. She decided that’s since we are co-parents we will bring up this child together in harmony. But I think Zari has made it difficult because she doesn’t understand why we can’t all be together,” Diamond said during a press conference.

Diamond blocked

In the same conference, Diamond responded to questions on why he unfollowed his kids (Tiffah and Nillan) but not Hamisa’s Dylan. The Inama singer revealed that Zari blocked him from following his kids and once you are blocked it appears like you have unfollowed them to outsiders. He added that his Baby Mama has been using their kids against him, but believes she will soon change.

“Unajua kule Mama yao kaniblock , sasa uniangalia kwa mtandanao utaona kuwa siwafollow. Lakini I follow my kids. You know when you separate as partners but you have kids together, the person living with them might use them against you. But ni hasira tu najua after sometime zitaisha na mambo yatakuwa sawa. I have followed my kids but their mother blocked me, but I know zile hasira zitaisha tu na mambo yatakaa sawaa. Licha ya hayo nahakikisha kuwa wanapata mahitaji yote yanayohitajika” said Diamond.


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